General Questions: About Us

FAQ about the transition:

Will there be any interruption to your Skybrary or access?
No, your service will continue uninterrupted while we move Skybrary to its new home.


Will there be any changes to the Skybrary product or experience?
No, you will enjoy the same access to an amazing library of books and videos.


Will you need to make any changes to your account because of this switch?
No, your subscription with Skybrary will be transferred without you needing to make any updates.


Will you see any changes to your account?
In the coming weeks you will see an update from RRKidz to Reading Is Fundamental on the billing details of your subscription, but your subscription price and term will remain unchanged.


Is LeVar still going to be involved with Skybrary and RIF? 
LeVar is to continue in an advisory role with RIF.  The team that developed Skybrary will continue to work on Skybrary.


What’s next for LeVar Burton?
LeVar remains committed to children’s education and entertainment and will be announcing some new and exciting projects for kids very soon!  In the meantime, you can catch LeVar in the 3rd season of his podcast LeVar Burton Reads, as well as my new role in Weird City on YouTube.


How do I reach LeVar Burton?
The best way is to reach him is through his Twitter account, @LeVarBurton.

Can I get an autograph of LeVar Burton?
As you can imagine, LeVar gets a lot of fan mail and requests. It’s very hard for him to send autographed pictures to everyone who asks. He decided long ago not to use services that send “autographs” of stars when really it’s a machine that creates them. He really loves his fans and makes many personal appearances throughout the world all year long where you can meet him, take a selfie, and get a real autograph.

I have a book or an idea for one. Can I send it to you?
We are not a publisher and therefore do not accept manuscripts.